SoloSeven B.V. is a (small) company in product development and is a manufacturer of biodegradable fire extinguishing additives. SoloSeven B.V. (based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands) produces fire-fighting water additives for Class A fires under the brand name of Solo7™ Q Green.

Solo7™ Q Green Class A Fire Control Additive (FCA) is 100% biodegradable, NON toxic of nature and does not leave residues behind; the cooling-down effect of Solo7™ Q Green is amazing.

The company aims to become worldwide leader in extinguishing all Class A fires but in particularly forest fires, saving the lives of humans, fish and animals, nature and thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

The company is dedicated to produce and deliver effective, safe and biodegradable products. A highly professional team of chemists and scientist work together to further develop and create innovative fire extinguishing products.

Solo7™ Q Green is patented (pending), tested, approved and certified. Solo7™ Q Green has been tested and meets the performance test criteria of European Standard EN 1568 Part 3 Latest edition.

A variety of packaging configurations are available according to customer request.