The Solo7™ Q Green additive leads to the following safety and economic benefits:

  • Fast and safe fire suppression performance
  • Excellent fire suppression capabilities
  • No reignition of the extinguished environment
  • Environmentally safe
  • 4 - 5% dilution (in mixer or premix tank)
  • 100% biodegradable (in 28 days)
  • Low water use due to fast fire suppression
  • Can be used in both fresh or salt water
  • Can be used with all types of equipment
  • No (soil) clean-up
  • Patented (pending) product


Solo7™ fire suppression products deliver a new identity and herald a new era in the dangerous world of fighting fires and the conservation of the environment in general. The combination of a high fire suppression performance and meeting all safety and environmental requirements ensures a unique and reliable product that will perform anywhere at any time. Solo7™ Q Green product properties will impress experienced fire-fighters and provide the confidence that you are protected at all times.


The Q green line products perform appropriately and are fast and safe under all conditions in case of fire and, above all, it prevents the reignition of the fire source. The risk of having residue left behind once the fire is out is completely eliminated because of the non-toxic product structure.


The environment will, in general, benefit from these aspects and their use will pay off in many ways such as the prevention of hazardous situations for humans and/or animals. It is very cost-effective and cleaning up operations are not required.